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Jeannie has always had a fascination with nature and animals, which has led her to making the most of her camera, and selecting the best of the results for inclusion in this series of photographic prints.

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Chipmunk Preparing for the Winter
Chipmunk Preparing for the Winter I caught this little fellow piling up his stash for the coming winter.
Item# Chipmunk080410-01
The Relaxing Squirrel
The Relaxing Squirrel Even squirrels need to relax after a tough day.
Item# Sqrl070805-01
Cow and Barn
Cow and Barn A cow munching contentedly in front of a barn.
Item# Cow080801-01
Daffodil with Ladybug
Daffodil with Ladybug This happy little ladybug enjoys a summer day exploring a beautiful daffodil.
Item# Daffodil080420-01
Thistle & Bee
Thistle & Bee Jeannie was lucky enough to capture this moment in the circle of life with a honey bee harvesting a Thistle flower.
Item# ThistleB040724-01
The family that swims together...
The family that swims together... This Family will stay together on beautiful days and not so beautiful days.
Item# Family100530-01
Friendly and curious
Friendly and curious The friendship between two like this just puts a smile on your face.
Item# Friends080508-01
Hey you
Hey you Can't you just see the words coming out of his mouth?
Item# HeyU071030-01
Horses from above
Horses from above This picture of a herd of horses was taken as we were floating in a hot air balloon in Vermont.
Item# Horses080805-01
Lilacs with Bumblebee
Lilacs with Bumblebee One of the most popular flowers in the world are lilacs. The color is beautiful and the fragrance is delightful, as this bee can attest.
Item# LilacBee050430-01
Moo The perfect moo cow, don't you think?
Item# Moo080806-01
Watching out
Watching out Trusting one another to have each other's back is precious. This horse seems to be keeping a watch out for his friend.
Item# Trust080508-01
White Pony
White Pony If ponies could talk, what would this one say to you?
Item# WHPony080511-01
Nemo in the coral
Nemo in the coral The sea is home to an amazingly colorful variety of life.
Item# NemoCorl190502-01
Vermont Ducks
Vermont Ducks Looking for ducks in Vermont is easy; just look for a small water pond.
Item# VTGDDK080311-01
Vermont Ducks in the Snow
Vermont Ducks in the Snow Ducks stick around all year in Vermont. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
Item# VTGDPK080227-01
Vermont Turkeys
Vermont Turkeys The turkeys gathering in the mid-winter season.
Item# VTTurkey071226-01