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Some Flower Pictures

Jeannie's fascination with nature and flowers has led her to making the most of her digital camera, and selecting the best results for inclusion in this series of photographic cards.

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Wooden Fence in Garden
Wooden Fence in Garden This rustic split rail fence marks the border of a flower garden.
Item# WdFence080622-01
Pink Wild Rose
Pink Wild Rose What can we say? You just can't get any prettier than this.
Item# PnkWldRs090628-01
Potted Roses
Potted Roses Flowers look great anywhere! Here is an arrangement with a down-home feel.
Item# Roses080808-01
Single Daisy
Single Daisy A single Daisy. Simple. Elegant.
Item# Daisy080608-01
Pretty Flower
Pretty Flower Nature often amazes us with its beauty, here showing off a lovely pink gradient.
Item# Flower080806-01
Field of Poppies
Field of Poppies This garden bed is full of pretty pink poppies.
Item# FldPop080622-01
LampPost with Flowers
LampPost with Flowers An old style lamp post surrounded by beautiful flowers
Item# LmpPst080622-01
Azaleas with Lighthouse
Azaleas with Lighthouse A beautiful garden of Azaleas overlooking a bay with a lighthouse
Item# Azalias080505-01
Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan These pretty yellow flowers just shout "Summertime!"
Item# BESusan080726-01
Field of Coneflowers and Fountain
Field of Coneflowers and Fountain A beautiful summer day in the park, a field of Coneflowers with a fountain in the background.
Item# Coneflwr090801-01
Daffodil with Ladybug
Daffodil with Ladybug This happy little ladybug enjoys a summer day exploring a beautiful daffodil.
Item# Daffodil080420-01
Thistle & Bee
Thistle & Bee Jeannie was lucky enough to capture this moment in the circle of life with a honey bee harvesting a Thistle flower.
Item# ThistleB040724-01
Crocuses embedded in a log
Crocuses embedded in a log Crocuses: our faithful flowers that come back year after year.
Item# FlowrLog090328-01
Lilacs with Bumblebee
Lilacs with Bumblebee One of the most popular flowers in the world are lilacs. The color is beautiful and the fragrance is delightful, as this bee can attest.
Item# LilacBee050430-01
Loves me, Loves me not.
Loves me, Loves me not. No, everyone loves daisies.
Item# LovesMe100530-01
Raindrops on Pink Roses
Raindrops on Pink Roses Rain drops on pink roses. The picture of purity.
Item# PKRose090628-01
Red Roses, pure and simple
Red Roses, pure and simple Red roses can tell you how much you love someone without a word being said.
Item# RDRoses080808-01
Berkshire Art
Berkshire Art Creating art in beautiful Berkshire county!
Item# ArtMade200527-01
Hydrangeas in a Boot
Hydrangeas in a Boot Hydrangeas in a Boot offer a cute accent on this walking path.
Item# FlowerBt090328-01
Hydrangea next to Water
Hydrangea next to Water Hydrangeas add a colorful splash to a garden stream.
Item# Hydstrem090328-01
Marguerite Daisy
Marguerite Daisy Daisies?symbolize innocence and purity.
Item# MargDasy090628-01
Mt Greylock Field
Mt Greylock Field Mt Greylock in Massachusetts offers wonderful vistas of the surrounding area, but also offers beautiful views of wildflowers close up.
Item# MtGLFd090720-01
Stick Design
Stick Design No, it's not really sticks. It just reminded me of sticks with tiny birds.
Item# Stickdesi090328-01
Wild Roses & Wrought Iron Fence
Wild Roses & Wrought Iron Fence Wrought Iron Fence showcases the beauty of the Wild Roses.
Item# WdRosFen090328-01
Clematis This beautiful purple flower speaks to the heart.
Item# Clematis080608-01
Orchids on a Stem
Orchids on a Stem These beautiful orchids hanging from their stem evoke a feeling of serenity.
Item# Orchids070629-01