New England Summer Scenes at ArtSmart Creations

New England Summer Scenes

While best known for its colorful autumns and sporty winters, New England is really beautiful throughout the year. Here are some pictures that capture the essence of those "Lazy, hazy days of summer" in New England.

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Sunset with clouds
Sunset with clouds The sun sinks low as twilight falls across the lake.
Item# Sunset080620-02
Country Barn
Country Barn This small rustic barn has some stories to tell!
Item# Barn080727-01
The Relaxing Squirrel
The Relaxing Squirrel Even squirrels need to relax after a tough day.
Item# Sqrl070805-01
Cow and Barn
Cow and Barn A cow munching contentedly in front of a barn.
Item# Cow080801-01
Garden House
Garden House This old garden house looks a little lonely out here in the field.
Item# GrdnHs090710-01
Another Beautiful Lake View
Another Beautiful Lake View Lovely Onota Lake lies within the city limits of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and provides plenty of watersporting fun to its residents.
Item# LovelyOn081012-01
The family that swims together...
The family that swims together... This Family will stay together on beautiful days and not so beautiful days.
Item# Family100530-01
Crocuses embedded in a log
Crocuses embedded in a log Crocuses: our faithful flowers that come back year after year.
Item# FlowrLog090328-01
Friendly and curious
Friendly and curious The friendship between two like this just puts a smile on your face.
Item# Friends080508-01
Green Garden Shack
Green Garden Shack A calm green light seems to surround this garden.
Item# Green090328-01
Horses from above
Horses from above This picture of a herd of horses was taken as we were floating in a hot air balloon in Vermont.
Item# Horses080805-01
Artist's Dream Studio
Artist's Dream Studio Art at its finest with nature in the beautiful back yard.
Item# MakngArt090328-01
Mt Greylock Trail
Mt Greylock Trail This loop trail provides a great view of the old Brodie Mountain Ski Area
Item# GLockTr090710-01
Hang gliding in the Berkshires
Hang gliding in the Berkshires Flying free over Adams MA.
Item# HangGlid090710-01
Maple in the Spring
Maple in the Spring I love fresh made Maple Syrup from my own back yard!
Item# MaplSpri090405-01
Marguerite Daisy
Marguerite Daisy Daisies?symbolize innocence and purity.
Item# MargDasy090628-01
Moose Feeder
Moose Feeder Wish to have a Moose and birds in your yard? Here is the answer!
Item# MoosFeed090328-01
Mt Greylock Field
Mt Greylock Field Mt Greylock in Massachusetts offers wonderful vistas of the surrounding area, but also offers beautiful views of wildflowers close up.
Item# MtGLFd090720-01