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Nymph Butterfly
Nymph Butterfly The butterfly's lifecycle is made up of four parts. Do you know what they are?
Item# Nymph090420-01
Another Nymph Butterfly
Another Nymph Butterfly Some butterflies don't live for more than a few weeks.
Item# NymphA090420-01
Yet another Tree Nymph Butterfly
Yet another Tree Nymph Butterfly Butterflies are insects. The beautiful colors distinguish one species of butterfly from the other.
Item# TreeNymp090420-01
Tandem Butterflies
Tandem Butterflies Butterfly friendship is a rare delight to see.
Item# Butrflys090420-01
Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
Item# America090622-01
The family that swims together...
The family that swims together... This Family will stay together on beautiful days and not so beautiful days.
Item# Family100530-01
Black and Orange Butterfly
Black and Orange Butterfly This one is native to Arizona, can be seen in many different places.
Item# Arizona090428-01
Black and White Butterfly
Black and White Butterfly Black-and-white butterfly amid a red flowering glory.
Item# BlackWhi090420-01
Fiery Butterfly
Fiery Butterfly This butterfly reminds one of the burning embers of a dying fire.
Item# ButrFire090420-01
Crocuses embedded in a log
Crocuses embedded in a log Crocuses: our faithful flowers that come back year after year.
Item# FlowrLog090328-01
Friendly and curious
Friendly and curious The friendship between two like this just puts a smile on your face.
Item# Friends080508-01
Green Garden Shack
Green Garden Shack A calm green light seems to surround this garden.
Item# Green090328-01
Hey you
Hey you Can't you just see the words coming out of his mouth?
Item# HeyU071030-01
The Holy City of the Wichitas
The Holy City of the Wichitas The Holy City of the Wichitas is a not-to-miss destination while visiting the Wichita Mountains Wild Life Refuge near Meers Oklahoma.
Item# HolyCity200502-01
Horses from above
Horses from above This picture of a herd of horses was taken as we were floating in a hot air balloon in Vermont.
Item# Horses080805-01
Lilacs with Bumblebee
Lilacs with Bumblebee One of the most popular flowers in the world are lilacs. The color is beautiful and the fragrance is delightful, as this bee can attest.
Item# LilacBee050430-01
Loves me, Loves me not.
Loves me, Loves me not. No, everyone loves daisies.
Item# LovesMe100530-01
Artist's Dream Studio
Artist's Dream Studio Art at its finest with nature in the beautiful back yard.
Item# MakngArt090328-01
Moo The perfect moo cow, don't you think?
Item# Moo080806-01
Mother Jones Butterfly
Mother Jones Butterfly One of the rarest butterflies.
Item# MothrJon090420-01
Raindrops on Pink Roses
Raindrops on Pink Roses Rain drops on pink roses. The picture of purity.
Item# PKRose090628-01
Red Roses, pure and simple
Red Roses, pure and simple Red roses can tell you how much you love someone without a word being said.
Item# RDRoses080808-01
Yellow and Black Butterfly
Yellow and Black Butterfly Did you know that butterflies have four wings?
Item# YellowBL090420-01
Watching out
Watching out Trusting one another to have each other's back is precious. This horse seems to be keeping a watch out for his friend.
Item# Trust080508-01
White Pony
White Pony If ponies could talk, what would this one say to you?
Item# WHPony080511-01
The Beauty of the Butterfly
The Beauty of the Butterfly This black, orange, and white butterfly is seen in many places.
Item# Arizona090420-01
Berkshire Art
Berkshire Art Creating art in beautiful Berkshire county!
Item# ArtMade200527-01
Hydrangeas in a Boot
Hydrangeas in a Boot Hydrangeas in a Boot offer a cute accent on this walking path.
Item# FlowerBt090328-01
Mt Greylock Trail
Mt Greylock Trail This loop trail provides a great view of the old Brodie Mountain Ski Area
Item# GLockTr090710-01
Hang gliding in the Berkshires
Hang gliding in the Berkshires Flying free over Adams MA.
Item# HangGlid090710-01
Hydrangea next to Water
Hydrangea next to Water Hydrangeas add a colorful splash to a garden stream.
Item# Hydstrem090328-01
Winter Trees
Winter Trees Snow covered trees at the summit of Jiminy Peak.
Item# JPTRTop080324-01
Lake Morey
Lake Morey Early morning sunrise at Lake Morey was a real treat to see.
Item# LKMorey071120-01
Maple Buckets
Maple Buckets Maple sap generally starts flowing in mid-February to mid-March.
Item# MaplBukt090405-01
Maple in the Spring
Maple in the Spring I love fresh made Maple Syrup from my own back yard!
Item# MaplSpri090405-01
Marguerite Daisy
Marguerite Daisy Daisies?symbolize innocence and purity.
Item# MargDasy090628-01
Moose Feeder
Moose Feeder Wish to have a Moose and birds in your yard? Here is the answer!
Item# MoosFeed090328-01
Mt Greylock Field
Mt Greylock Field Mt Greylock in Massachusetts offers wonderful vistas of the surrounding area, but also offers beautiful views of wildflowers close up.
Item# MtGLFd090720-01
Mt. Mansfield
Mt. Mansfield They say that Mt. Mansfield in Vermont resembles a head. Can you see the face? The head, the eye, the nose, the chin?
Item# MtManFd080224-01
Nemo in the coral
Nemo in the coral The sea is home to an amazingly colorful variety of life.
Item# NemoCorl190502-01
Pumpkin Head on the Rock
Pumpkin Head on the Rock Do youremember the fun of carving pumpkins as a kid? We sure do.
Item# PkHdRk071013-01
Pumpkin Head
Pumpkin Head It just wasn't Halloween without some carved pumpkins!
Item# PkHead071013-01
Stick Design
Stick Design No, it's not really sticks. It just reminded me of sticks with tiny birds.
Item# Stickdesi090328-01
Vermont Covered Bridge
Vermont Covered Bridge This is just one of many covered bridges in Vermont.
Item# VTCoverB071207-01
A Vermont Fall Day
A Vermont Fall Day Vermont is known for its fall colors, and this peaceful path doesn't disappoint.
Item# VTFall071013-01
Vermont Ducks
Vermont Ducks Looking for ducks in Vermont is easy; just look for a small water pond.
Item# VTGDDK080311-01
Vermont Ducks in the Snow
Vermont Ducks in the Snow Ducks stick around all year in Vermont. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
Item# VTGDPK080227-01
Vermont Frozen Waterfall
Vermont Frozen Waterfall You can see this waterfall on Route 7 in the town of Milton, Vermont.
Item# VTMiltFa080104-01
Vermont Turkeys
Vermont Turkeys The turkeys gathering in the mid-winter season.
Item# VTTurkey071226-01
The Road to Smuggs
The Road to Smuggs Driving up to the mountains to ski in the early morning is a delight.
Item# VTWtRd080127-01
Wild Roses & Wrought Iron Fence
Wild Roses & Wrought Iron Fence Wrought Iron Fence showcases the beauty of the Wild Roses.
Item# WdRosFen090328-01