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This page contains pictures with artistic borders and/or other adornments. The pictures are also found elsewhere on the site without the special features. If you feel you would like to mix and match a little, email Jeannie and let her know.

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Mothers' Day
Mothers' Day Mothers do so much for us, and they deserve our love and affection.
Item# Clematis080608-02
Crocuses embedded in a log
Crocuses embedded in a log Crocuses: our faithful flowers that come back year after year.
Item# FlowrLog090328-03
Lilacs with Bumblebee
Lilacs with Bumblebee One of the most popular flowers in the world are lilacs. The color is beautiful and the fragrance is delightful, as this bee can attest.
Item# LilacBee050430-03