Inscriptions & Inspirations


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes, you really need to use words to express how you feel. That is why ArtSmart Creations sells greeting cards that are blank inside, so that you can express to your loved ones exactly how you feel.


But that's not always easy.

So on this page you will find a few ideas for getting you started or helping you on the way to say something special to the wonderful people of your life. We've arranged them by occasion, where appropriate. If you are looking for business inscriptions, please see our Business Inscriptions page.


If you would like us to print these (or any other) words on the inserts, we'd be happy to do that for a nominal fee. Copy the words from this page, navigate to the Inscriptions page for the card or other item that you wish to purchase, and then paste them into the appropriate field. You can choose a font from the Fonts page.


If you have some special words to say how much you care, and would like to share your ideas with other ArtSmart Creations customers, please email them to us at We'll review them and add them to our list of sayings, so that others can benefit from your poetic talent! Let us know if you would like the saying(s) attributed, and we will comply.


I love you
Falling in love with you was the greatest gift that God has ever given me.
You are my life.
I thank you for making me feel loved inside and outside.
You are the treasure of my heart and soul.
I'll go where you go, now and forever.
Remember: on happy days or sad days, I'm here with you.
I thank God every day for the days and nights I can be with you.
God made you just for me.
Loving you is a dream come true.
You are the one for me and always will be.
My heart is always with you.
You know what I need, without a word said.
I need you all the time.
Love and friendship are memories that you will keep forever.
I'm just a phone call away
I'm always here for you
My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.
Remember all the wonderful time you spent together
Special Sayings for TeaCards
I wish you a day -- both happy and carefree.-- Sit down, relax, ok? -- Enjoy this cup of tea.
In times of stress, just let things be, leave the mess, enjoy some tea.
It's been ___ years but it feels like only yesterday when we said I Do!
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for sticking it out all these years of ups and downs, and showing me what a good marriage is supposed to be like. Happy Anniversary.
I'm so proud to call you my (wife/husband) after all these years.
When did they say the honeymoon years are over? I'm still delirious with love for you.
Mother's/Father's Day
Mom/Dad, you're the greatest
I love you Mom/Dad
You taught me everything in the right order, I just didn't listen.
Thanks for teaching me the truly important things in life...
Mom/Dad, you are my best friend yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.
I thank God that you are my Mom/Dad.
You are the Mom/Dad God made just for me.
You worked so hard to get to here, so just let me say I'm proud of you. Congratulations!
I am proud of you for your sticking with it. I know it wasn't easy. Congratulations!
Always remember that dreams do come true, look at you, you are proof. Congratulations!
May all your tomorrows be as successful as you planned them to be.
You CAN make your dreams come true, if you make some goals, make a plan to reach them, and follow through on your plan!
Congratulations on your first step to a brighter future.
May all your wishes and dreams come true on your special Day. Happy Birthday!
Thank God we're getting older and wiser. Happy Birthday.
Birthdays are special, just like you!
Young at Heart is what you'll always be -- Happy Birthday from me!
It is my pleasure to say Happy Birthday to you, my best friend.
Loving you today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life is what I want to do! Happy Birthday!
Celebrate all day and have fun on this wonderful day of yours. Happy Birthday!
You are (one of) the best Grandchild a grandmother could ask for. I thank God that he gave me the opportunity to call you my Grandchild. Happy __th Birthday!
Now you can not only smell the flowers but you have time to plant them.
Relax.... this is your time.
This is the best time of your life! You should treat yourself to whatever you want.
The greatest thing about being retired is EVERYTHING!
Thank you
Thank you for being my best friend
People like you make the world a better place, thank you!
I prayed for a gift and God sent you. Thank you for coming.
Thank you for thinking about me in all the right ways.
You are so kind and thoughtful; thank you.

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