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Butterflies are beautiful creatures that are fun to observe, and with over 15000 species, there is no chance of running out of new ones to see.

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Nymph Butterfly
Nymph Butterfly The butterfly's lifecycle is made up of four parts. Do you know what they are?
Item# Nymph090420-01
Another Nymph Butterfly
Another Nymph Butterfly Some butterflies don't live for more than a few weeks.
Item# NymphA090420-01
Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly This regal-looking butterfly looks right at home amid the thistles here.
Item# MnrchBtrfly070902-01
Yet another Tree Nymph Butterfly
Yet another Tree Nymph Butterfly Butterflies are insects. The beautiful colors distinguish one species of butterfly from the other.
Item# TreeNymp090420-01
Tandem Butterflies
Tandem Butterflies Butterfly friendship is a rare delight to see.
Item# Butrflys090420-01
Black and Orange Butterfly
Black and Orange Butterfly This one is native to Arizona, can be seen in many different places.
Item# Arizona090428-01
Black and White Butterfly
Black and White Butterfly Black-and-white butterfly amid a red flowering glory.
Item# BlackWhi090420-01
Fiery Butterfly
Fiery Butterfly This butterfly reminds one of the burning embers of a dying fire.
Item# ButrFire090420-01
Mother Jones Butterfly
Mother Jones Butterfly One of the rarest butterflies.
Item# MothrJon090420-01
Yellow and Black Butterfly
Yellow and Black Butterfly Did you know that butterflies have four wings?
Item# YellowBL090420-01
The Beauty of the Butterfly
The Beauty of the Butterfly This black, orange, and white butterfly is seen in many places.
Item# Arizona090420-01